We represent non-profit organizations and public bodies as general counsel or for special services. We advise in matters such as governance and regulatory compliance; assisting in real estate transactions; negotiating contracts; and advising about employment rights and obligations.

Non-profit organizations. We have organized many non-profit corporations, and represented some of the largest non-profits in the state. Examples of our work include:

  • Organizing the corporation and creating the governance structure for community non-profits to deliver health services, conserve land and advance special purposes such as animal welfare;
  • Advising about compliance with the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code that regulate activities and reporting by 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entities;
  • Advising about changes in bylaws and articles of association;
  • Appearing in court cases related to organizational mission;
  • Resolving disputes with employees; and
  • Negotiating contracts and completing real estate transactions.

Public bodies. We represent Vermont towns, villages and regional planning commissions in developing policy, complying with legal obligations, and delivering governmental services. Examples of our work include:

  • Advising commission and boards on matters of policy and legal compliance;
  • Reviewing proposed ordinances and administrative decisions;
  • Appearing in court to defend regulatory actions;
  • Investigating allegations of misconduct;
  • Advising about hazardous waste claims;
  • Advising about insurance coverage issues and recovering wrongfully denied benefits;
  • Advising about personnel matters, including terminations and defense of claims;
  • Appearing in administrative proceedings involving land use and energy matters; and
  • Defending real-estate tax appeals.