We represent landowners, public bodies and intervenors in resolving land-use, energy and environmental disputes.

We also provide legal counsel to landowners, non-profit organizations and public bodies planning the conservation of natural resources.

Our advocacy work has involved litigation in the state and federal courts, and administrative cases before the Vermont Public Service Board and District Environmental Commissions.

We represent landowners in eminent domain (condemnation) proceedings in which the state seeks to take private property for public use.

Examples of our work in these fields includes representing:

  • Property owners, intervenors and towns in zoning and Act 250 appeals before the Vermont Superior Court’s Environmental Division and the Vermont Supreme Court;
  • Defendants in environmental enforcement proceedings brought by the State of Vermont or the Environmental Protection Agency;
  • Property owners in connection with solar energy development and “net metering” agreements;
  • Property owners in connection with environmental due diligence;
  • Small hydroelectric developers before the Vermont Public Service Board in connection with rate setting and policy matters;
  • Property owners and conservation organizations in development and implementation of conservation easements;
  • Municipalities before the Vermont Public Service Board in connection with proposed development that would violate local planning goals;
  • Landowners in connection with telecommunication leases and permits;
  • Landowners in trying claims before Vermont juries for just compensation for taking of their property by condemnation
  • Property owners in negotiating “brownfield” development agreements;
  • Regional planning commissions in Act 250 proceedings in connection with large regional developments; and
  • Advocacy groups and landowners in connection with environmental impact assessments.